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The Pacific Rim Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to the real appreciation of snowboarding, skiing, sight-seeing, photography, travel, public awareness and so much more.

The Alliance is further oriented to the building of international relations among skiers, snowboarders and sports organizations throughout the Pacific Rim. The Alliance is a member of the San Diego Council, the Los Angeles Council, the FWSA (Far West Ski Association), the NSAA (National Ski Areas Association), and the NSCF (National Ski Council Federation).

Surplus moneys above reserve requirements, for deposits for our subsequent expeditions, will be donated to tax deductible organizations devoted to charity, research and education. We are especially interested in, but not limited to, supporting Ski Area Development, Adaptive Ski Programs, Can Do MS (formerly The Jimmie Heuga Center for MS) and Olympic & Junior Racers. Our governing documents can be found here.

Pacific Rim Alliance Governing Documents
You can download our documents here.

We will be going to Big White in April.

Wine Maker Dinner for MS—
The 2014 Wine Maker Dinner for MS will be held Spetember 27, 2013 in San Diego. To date we have raised (with your help) more than $34,000 for Can Do MS (formerly The Jimmie Heuga Center for MS).

Executive Chef Mary Trimmins and Sous Chef Gene Fulkerson spun their magic with the wines and matching food pairings.

Read all about the 2013 fun, wines and food here.

We are hoping to have a fundraising BBQ and previewing of the Jimmie Heuga movie in the Summer. Will be sending out an email blast as soon as we are able to finalize the details.

Pac Rim is a Triple Winner at the Far West Convention—
At the 2013 Far West Convention held in Reno, NV, June 6-9, 2013 Pacific Rim Alliance was awarded Outstanding Club, Newsletter and Web Site in the smallest division AA (100-199 members).

Ski With Pride • Watch All Sides • Let It Ride
First with Safety Awareness

Breaking News

Sestriere, Italy
March 8–16, 2014

Cinque Terre, Italy
March 16–20, 2014

Setriere, Italy
Details HERE

Big White

April 5–12, 2014

Big White
Details for 2014

Can Do MS
Wine Maker Dinner
Sept. 27, 2014

Wine Tasting
Check out the 2013 fun HERE.
Raised $2,600!

Far WEst Skin Cancer Prevention Program

SLIP on your helmet.
SLOP on some sunscreen.
SLIDE on your goggles.
SLITHER into the shade whenever possible.

Visit Far West to take the Skin Cancer Prevention Quiz.

It's a SMART idea!
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Email us at info@pacificrimalliance.org
10818 Viacha Dr., San Diego, CA 92124, 858-467-9469

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